Casino Mobile Application Service

The Player Performance Group smartphone application allows for the customized delivery of segmented player offers directly to mobile devices. In the player management portal, players can be segmented by any number of variables, including: age, daily or cumulative worth, address, ethnicity, or current physical location, just to name a few. The application architecture has the ability to present each player’s loyalty or newsletter offers as defaults, with subsequent offers being conditional on specific times or date ranges. Included in the Player Performance Group Casino Marketing Application Service are geofencing parameters that allow our client-partners to reach and conditionally incentivize players based on their current location.

Mobile Number Verification

Prior to the launch of SMS marketing initiatives, knowing how many captured numbers in your player tracking system and who they belong to was critically important. The mobile number verification service developed by Player Performance Group identifies the valid mobile numbers from your current player database and the mobile carrier to which each number is associated. When considering the expense and effort of SMS marketing solutions, executing this step establishes an essential launch-point for our client-partner programs.

Points To Merchandise

Leveraging the use of players club kiosk technology and a proprietary transaction manager, the Player Performance Group points-to-merchandise program enables a catalog of merchandise to be selected by property management in order for club member to exchange points for the selected catalog merchandise. Merchandise can be purchased from any vendor of choice for on-site redemption at the club or can be drop-shipped to the player subsequent to their merchandise selection and point redemption.


TableQ™ is a stand-alone player reward system built to enable simple and efficient execution of table game promotions. Frequently, table games players are not able to earn “points” for play that enable participation in property promotions, or when points are earned for table play, there can often times be a lag in accumulation of points onto the player account. TableQ™ addresses this challenge by allowing property operators to determine the variables and participation thresholds for their table games players to participate in promotions. The solution is simple, cost-effective, and empowering as it eliminates much of the historical system constraints with traditional table game promotions.

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