Leadership Development

What results are being produced by your leadership practices? Are the desired leadership behaviors known and celebrated throughout your business? Do employees clearly understand the system in which they are expected to contribute, grow and thrive? PPG Leadership Development solutions work to align the values of the organizational leadership philosophy with the employees and desired work behaviors. The solutions created will increase levels of employee engagement, retention, teamwork and guest satisfaction.

Succession Planning

Are you concerned about a significant percentage of the knowledge in your organization leaving with a few key people? Have you identified your key talent and if so, are you doing what you need to do to keep them engaged and to make sure you have others growing toward those roles? PPG prepares the organization for the future through supporting the identification of critical talent, what is required for them to be successful, and growing people toward expanded roles and responsibilities. Managing job-related knowledge in creative ways enables the individual growth required to improve the collective intelligence of every organization.

Bull’s Eye Recruiting & Onboarding

We support the development of an internal process for identifying the best people for your organization through clear understanding of positions, strong interviewing techniques, and effective decision-making – and the immediate engagement of new team members through comprehensive onboarding.

Career Development

Do your employees come to work every day for a job or for a career? Do they know that their growth is important to you? Career development is planning for the future of the employees in an organization through having a clear, meaningful understanding of current roles and responsibilities, identifying gaps that need to be filled for future success and competencies required, then developing high performing employees toward future roles. PPG provides clarity on where current job satisfaction lies and which specific areas to target for the most impact. PPG facilitates building a process to boost that satisfaction at all levels by collaboratively creating a system that is sustainable for your leadership team.

Performance Management

Maximizing retention & engaging (and re-engaging) employees ultimately increases the potential for growth through leading people to demonstrate desirable behaviors aligned with business goals and objectives.
o Performance metrics
(Evaluations & Performance Reviews)
o Rewards and Recognition
o Corrective Action

Where are your pains? Based on thorough needs analyses, Player Performance Group provides custom solutions that are valuable, timely, relevant and sustainable for YOUR business.

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